Accident Plus Service

All our customers are given the protection of our Accident Plus Replacement Service.
What does this offer?

In the unlikely and unfortunate event of an impact Kiddy offers its ‘Accident Plus Replacement Service’. Any Kiddy seat involved in a crash can be returned to us for a ‘Free’ replacement!

You would simply return your damaged seat to our Customer Service Department (with proof of purchase enclosed), accompanied with a copy of the ‘police accident report’ or insurance report which mentions the car seat in it. Upon receipt we will then send you a brand new Kiddy car seat of equal value. The Kiddy Accident Plus Replacement Service applies for six years from the date of purchase, and is valid for up to three months after the car accident takes place.

Why do Kiddy do this?

Even though your car seat may not appear to be damaged, an impact will potentially leave your car seat in a weakened or damaged state. Therefore it is recommended that car seats are replaced after accidents. Taking your damaged car seat from you means that damaged Kiddy car seats should not end up on the second hand market. In offering you this service, it also means Kiddy can to continue to provide protection for your child for years to come!

Why do we need the police or insurance report?

Police and insurance reports can contain important information about the nature of the accident: the impact speed; type of impact; direction from which the car was hit; and the age / weight of the child occupying the seat. Once your seat arrives back at Kiddy Headquarters, it’s examined by our experts who are able to assess how the seat performed. Using this crucial information, these real life crash studies allow us to continually improve and develop our products for the future!

We are the only manufacturer who uses this exchange scheme as a way to collect vital data to enable us to research the performance of our products in real life accidents, and then uses it to inform future product development. We believe this is what makes our car seats extra safe and make it’s possible for us to outperform seats made by other manufacturers – according to independent consumer safety tests, and helps us explain (one of many reasons) why Kiddy are No 1!

Ethical and Innovative!