Evostar Light 1 Set Evoluna i-Size 2

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Evostar Light 1 1 compact stroller. 264 individual looks. Up to approx. 4 years Max. 20 kg... more

Evostar Light 1

1 compact stroller.
264 individual looks.

Up to approx. 4 years
Max. 20 kg

The latest family member of the stroller series by Kiddy is the Evostar Light 1. The "little" brother of the Evostar 1 can be used right from birth, both with the included seat unit and combined with Kiddy infant car seats of the Evo-series. Thanks to their flat, ergonomic lying position, these offer a comfortable alternative to the carrycot.
The Evostar Light 1 has set its focus on optimising the small details and makes handling as easier as ever. This means the compact folded size already includes the seat unit, which was so flexibly constructed that it can be folded away with it. The various adjustment options of the sun canopy as well as the harness system are easy to operate with simple steps. This means its height can be set to numerous positions with one movement and therefore always adapt to the size of the child. The frame and the wheels are also designed so that the stroller is extremely agile and incredibly easy to manoeuvre.
The Evostar Light 1 makes a stylish point with its back panel. Thanks to the magnetic fastening it is removed in seconds and can be replaced with another stylish motif plate. So now nothing stands in the way of the perfect, individual look.

Travel systems from birth

The Evostar Light 1 can be used both with the seat unit and with an infant car seat right from birth. Combined with the Kiddy infant car seats of the Evo-series, the stroller transforms into a perfect travel system, as the infant car seats, with their flat, ergonomic lying position, offer a comfortable alternative to a carrycot.

Compact and simple folding

The innovative folding mechanism makes it possible to fold the stroller, including the seat unit, to a compact size. Thanks to a sophisticated system the seat unit is very simply folded together and shifted backwards. And it doesn't matter if it is attached forward or rear-facing. One downward rotation of the handle bar as well as a second handle on the shopping basket and the stroller is stood folded in a compact, space-saving size.

Flexible seat unit

For the perfect sitting or lying position of the child, the flexible seat unit can be set both forward and rear-facing and moved to three different positions with just one hand on the backrest.

Simple & individual adjustability

In order to adjust the height of the sun canopy as well as the harness system, it's worth looking behind the magnetic back panel on the rear side of the stroller. With a simple handle the sun canopy can be individually set to 4 positions and the harness system to 6. This allows the Evostar Light 1 to grow with the child and to easily adapt.
The sun canopy also offers another folding visor to create additional shade. The 5-point harness system has extra soft padding at the sensitive areas, which can be washed at 30°C.

Stylish back panels

The back panel on the rear side of the seat unit not only acts as a cover, but can be seen much more as a stylish accessory. The included black back panel can, thanks to the magnetic fastening, be very simply removed and replaced with another motif plate. A selection of 32 different colours and styles make it possible to always be perfectly coordinated with the stroller. The capacity for customisation makes the Evostar Light 1 unique and a real eye-catcher.

Durable & sturdy tires

"The Evostar Light 1 is equipped with "Tru-Ride® Technology" tires with PU (polyurethane). These tires are not only much sturdier than standard tires but also longer-lasting, as the surface is hardly worn down even after a long time in use.
They are maintenance-free and puncture-proof.
With all-wheel suspension and rotatable front wheels, which can be fixed in position if needed, the Evostar Light 1 offers excellent maneuverability on all surfaces.

Colors and Designs

"The Evostar Light 1 is characterized by both its modern, innovative design and the high quality and functional materials used. Thanks to the characteristics of the fabrics, the luminous tone of the colors is preserved for a long time. Another highlight is the pattern: the dots represent a Morse code that conveys a special message: "Kiddy. We love our kids."
Unique and unmistakable!

Evoluna i-Size 2 - The new i-Size infant car seat with a globally unique lie-flat function - even inside the car.

Max. 83 cm
Up to approx. 15 months
Max. 13 kg

The Evoluna i-Size 2, along with its predecessor model the Evoluna i-Size, are the only infant car seats on the market in the world with a lie-flat function inside and outside the car and thus offer maximum safety and convenience.
With this omni lie-flat function, they define a new category of infant car seats and set a new global safety benchmark.
The predecessor model was convincing in the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC child car seat test in June 2016. Amongst the 26 tested child car seats, the infant car seat was the only one to achieve a "very good" (1.5).
The Evoluna i-Size 2 meets the latest and stricter ECE-R129 (i-Size) standard; intensively testing front and rear impacts, rollover situations, and side impacts.
The optimized side impact protection as well as the one-click attachment to the Kiddy Isofix Base 2 not only make this infant car seat secure, but also highly user-friendly.
With the generous size and flat lying position as well as the individualized adaptation to the size of the baby it is a convenient alternative to the carrycot for buggies.

Unique lie-flat function for maximum safety and comfort

The Evoluna i-Size 2, along with its predecessor model the Evoluna i-Size, are the only infant car seats on the market in the world with a lie-flat function inside and outside the car.
The tested and patented technology by Kiddy was specially developed for the needs of newborns and premature infants.
Since their neck muscles are not fully developed yet, the head can easily tip to the front while sleeping which can lead to breathing problems and potentially to lower oxygen saturation. This can be prevented by a flat lying angle. The Evoluna i-Size 2, along with its predecessor model the Evoluna i-Size, are the only infant car seats that offer this lie-flat function in the car as well*. By turning the handle, the slatted frame within the infant car seat is moved into a flat lying position.
The slatted frame also absorbs the energy in the event of an accident or uneven roads and protects the sensitive spine of the baby.
Pediatricians and midwives recommend the lie-flat position especially for longer journeys as this ergonomic position is better for the child’s developing spine.
*Please note that the Evoluna i-Size 2 requires at least 73.5 cm of space when in the reclined position.
Please check the front passenger legroom before installing the Evoluna i-Size 2 in the lie-flat position.

Perfect Travel System

In combination with the Kiddy strollers the Evoluna i-Size 2 forms a perfect Travel System and is a convenient alternative to the carrycot through its lie-flat function.

Maximum side impact protection

The particularly energy-absorbing layer integrated inside the baby shell as well as the additionally fixed side impact protection components consisiting of EPO (expanded polyolefin) ensuring maximum side impact protection. Together with the protective components that can be attached to the side via the handle, the infant car seat absorbs the collision forces during a side impact before they reach the sensitive parts of the body of the baby.

Perfect for any size

The Evoluna i-Size 2 can be adjusted to the individual size of the baby through the newborn inlays and the adjustable harness system in 5 positions. It is very generously sized and therefore perfectly suits larger babies, too.

Large sun canopy

The large sun canopy is fully adjustable. Thanks to the optimised fastening of the sun canopy to the infant car seat, the baby is even better protected against sun and wind.

One-click attachment - simple and safe

Simple installation of Evoluna i-Size 2 infant car seat in combination with the Kiddy Isofix Base 2. One click attaches the seat to the base; green indicators show whether the seat is engaged correctly.

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