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Top 3 FAQs

1. Where can I find information on product details and specifications?

Important product details and specifications can be downloaded from the respective product page under "Downloads" as a "product data sheet".

2. Which infant car seat/child car seats by Kiddy have an aeroplane approval?

Which infant car seat/child car seats have an aeroplane approval can be found on the respective product page under "Downloads" or at https://www.tuv.com/de/germanyinfothek/infothek/kindersitze_flugzeug/hersteller_kindersitze/hersteller_kindersitze.html. Child car seats cannot be brought along without prior discussion with the airline. The respective airline should be contacted for further information.

3. When should I switch from an infant car seat to a group 1 child car seat?

Transport your child in the infant car seat for as long as possible. A switch to the group 1 child car seat is necessary as soon as the child's head protrudes over the edge of the infant car seat. However, it is a requirement that your child can already sit up unassisted and has reached a minimum weight of 9 kg.

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